From Lawn Maintenance To Complete Landscape Design

We at Ranger Landscaping & Snow Removal start off in the spring and prepare the garden beds and lawn by turning the soil and cleaning out debris that may have fallen over the winter months. Applying fertilizer and weed/grub control early will ensure a nice, healthy lawn. We also sweep the parking lot to clean up any sand/salt residue from a long winter.

As we get into the growing season, we regularly maintain the beds and lawn on a weekly basis, as well as perform litter pick-up.

As fall sets in, we begin to prepare the beds and lawn for the winter and clean up leaves after they have all fallen.

As cold becomes the norm and sign of winter are all around us, we set our sights on snow plowing, shoveling and salting. Prompt, efficient, quality service is what we offer. "Due diligence" is our middle name.

We have all the right equipment for the job. From pick-up trucks with plows, to five tonne salt trucks, to skid steers and front end loaders, we get the job done right! Salt boxes are supplied in the proper locations and are filled regularly for emergency situations. Also, after a snowfall, we return the next day to clean off any residual salt on the walkways that may cause damage or track indoors.

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