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    Getting the Most from Your Outdoor Space

    Our full range of services will help you get the best out of your home or business’ outdoor space. Having a well-designed and -tended lawn can increase the value of your home and draw customers into your store. During the snowy and icy months of winter, professionally cleared walks and driveways keep everyone safe and keep your life running on time.

    Have the day-to-day obligations of life caused you to let your once-tame yard turn into a wild tangle of weeds and overgrown plants? Is your business’ exterior so plain that customers pass by without so much as a glance? During the winter, do you lack the time or motivation to wake up early to clear your walks and driveway before work? If any (or all) of these sound like you, the skilled professionals of Ranger Landscaping & Snow Removal have your solutions.

    Based in Ajax, we serve

    the Lake Ontario coastline

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    Port Hope & North

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